Licensing of our computer vision algorithms

We have a range of licensing options for our technologies, including:

  • unlimited non-exclusive license
  • limited license, price based on number of computers
  • limited license, price based on number of algorithm's runs

Custom development and algorithm adaptation

Many end-user applications set a specific set of requirements, which cannot be fulfilled by out-of-the box algorithms and SDKs. We can adapt our technologies to any custom application. In simple cases such adaptation requires only training and fine tuning of our algorithms on new custom dataset. In complex cases we can develop new algorithms starting from scratch.


From our experience it is quite difficult for many potential customers to see both the capabilities and limitations of modern computer vision technologies. Judging from Hollywood movies and TV-shows, forensic experts can reliably identify a person of interest by magnifying a one pixel reflection in a mirror (which is, regretfully, not theoretically possible). But a lot of existing applications are not as widely popularized in modern arts. We can help with:

  • establishing what problems can or cannot be solved with the help of modern computer vision algorithms
  • choosing from available ready solutions
  • search for a scientific papers on your subject

Development of complete software solutions

We offer a development of integrated system for solution of a specific computer vision problem.

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