Video Analysis Technologies is a young innovative company, established in 2010 by graduates of the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Lab, Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Lomonosov Moscow State University which is one of the leading research groups in computer vision in Russia

We specialize in applied R&D in the field of computer vision with primary focus on video analysis. Range of possible applications of our technologies includes security surveillance systems, audience analysis for Digital signage, intelligent search in video archives, augmented reality systems, etc.

In 2010 our project "Video-based demographic and behavioral audience analysis system" was supported under the START program of State Fund for Support of Small Enterprises in the Scientific-Technical Fields. In 2011 the project was extended for the second year. In 2013 our company received a status of Skolkovo resident with a project "Automatic annotation of video surveillance data for business intelligence and security systems"

At this point our key technologies are:

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